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New batching plant for sale

November 20, 2020

The new batching plant for sale has features of works smoothly, raw materials enter the mixer evenly, without intermittent sudden feeding process. The finished product enters the concrete mixer truck smoothly and evenly during a long period of time, without intermittent sudden unloading process. The space occupation of concrete batching plant is less, reducing the large finished product hopper and the aggregate storage hopper, the degree is low, the area is small; the wear-resistant parts are low, no impact, and the mixing volume is large at the same time. The energy consumption of concrete batching plant for sale is low, the installed power is small, raw materials evenly enter the mixer to be easily mixed; low use and maintenance costs, fewer structural links, short belts and stable operation.

new batching plant for sale

The note of using new batching plant for sale are install in a flat place and tamped, the mechanical installation should be stable and solid; stirring should be carried out in one-way rotation; before starting the operation, first check whether the insulation and grounding of the electrical equipment are good. Start the test before feeding, when the concrete batching plant is running normally, add the material and stir; if the stirring is suddenly stopped in the middle, the material should be unloaded first; when restarting, there should be no material in the hopper, and it must be started without load; the hopper should be equipped with a safety hook and must be started when the hopper is stopped. No one is allowed to stand under the hopper of the concrete mixer, and non-operators are not allowed to start the machine.


The electrical control system of new batching plant for sale can realize convenient input, convenient operation, and can accurately adjust and modify the set value of each material. The electrical control system must have perfect self-locking and interlocking functions to ensure the accurate and reliable operation of the system. The fault electrical control system must have fault detection and reminding functions. The specialization and centralization of the concrete batching plant can greatly shorten the construction period and increase the construction speed. The efficiency of the new concrete batching plant is outstanding, and the comprehensive benefits of the concrete batching plant manufacturer are outstanding. The concrete mixing plant adopts double horizontal shaft forced concrete mixers for mixing mainframe and aggregate lifting, which have the advantages of fast mixing speed, wide mixing range and concrete volume, which can meet the needs of different users.

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