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Daily maintenance of the china mobile concrete batching plant

October 18, 2018

The normal operation of the china mobile concrete batching plant equipment is inseparable from the daily maintenance of the personnel. The equipment running problem has a great relationship with the maintenance. After the maintenance is completed, the work will be completed more effectively, will also get more benefits.

china mobile concrete batching plant

For the mobile concrete batching plant china, the belt conveyor undertakes the transportation work during the whole equipment operation, which has a very important influence on the efficiency of the whole production process, and its contact with the aggregates is often easy to stick to cause the transportation efficiency to drop, so for the belt conveyor, the china mobile concrete batching plant factory suggest should be regularly maintained.
1. The tail hopper of the inclined belt conveyor should be cleaned in time to prevent the sand from falling between the tail roller and the belt, causing early wear and debonding of the belt.
2. Check the maintenance of the belt reducer. Firstly, the operation of the reducer should be stable, the noise should be moderate, no abnormal noise, no dust on the casing (especially the input and output shafts), and the input shaft shaft seal should have no oil leakage phenomenon. The gear oil level should be above the red line of the finder. The belt conveyor reducer should be buttered in time to make it will work normally.
3. Check whether there is any foreign matter on the belt roller and the idler, so as not to affect the service life of the roller and the idler.
4. Observe the phenomenon of deviation of the belt conveyor during the running process. If the belt runs seriously, it will cause the belt edge to rub against the bracket, which may cause the belt edge to be torn.

In fact, usually pay attention to the maintenance of china mobile concrete batching plant equipment, so that it is well maintained, it will create more concrete, reduce the cost of equipment maintenance, and also get a large profit.

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