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Complete Concrete Batching Plant

September 25, 2023

The mixing host is the core part of complete concrete batching plant, It adopts forced double horizontal shaft mixing host, which has high efficiency and uniform mixing ability. The two horizontal shafts of the concrete mixing machine are equipped with mixing blades, which can carry out forward and reverse mixing at the same time to ensure the uniformity and quality of concrete. In addition, the concrete mixing machine is designed to prevent material leakage and reduce energy consumption, which improves the stability and energy saving of the equipment.


The feeding system is an important part of the complete concrete batching plant equipment. It consists of multiple feeders and feeding belts, which can realize accurate measurement and continuous feeding of raw materials such as aggregate, cement and admixture. The feeding system adopts advanced sensors and controllers, which can be intelligently adjusted according to the production demand to ensure the accuracy and stability of concrete proportioning.

complete concrete batching plant

Batching system is an important part of complete concrete batching plant equipment. It includes components such as aggregate silo, cement silo, admixture silo and batching scale. Through the measurement and control of the batching scale, the required raw materials can be accurately placed according to the requirements of the concrete proportion. The batching system also has the function of automatic deviation correction, which can discover and correct the batching error in time to ensure the accuracy of concrete proportion.


The control system is the brain of the complete concrete batching plant. It is composed of PLC controller, touch screen and electrical components, which can realize the automatic operation of the concrete batching plant equipment and monitoring of the production process. The control system has a variety of working modes and formula storage function, which can be flexibly adjusted according to the production needs. In addition, the control system also has the function of fault diagnosis and alarm, which can eliminate the faults in time and provide effective maintenance suggestions.


Conveying system is an important part of the complete concrete batching plant equipment. It includes conveyor belt, screw conveyor and pneumatic conveying pipe. The conveying system can convey concrete from the mixing host to the concrete mixer truck or concrete pump truck to realize continuous supply. The conveying system has high efficiency and stable conveying capacity, which can adapt to the conveying needs of different distances and heights.


Overall, complete concrete batching plant equipment is a kind of efficient, stable and automated construction equipment, which is widely used in all kinds of engineering projects. Its advantages include good mixing effect, accurate batching, flexible control, easy operation and easy maintenance. With the continuous progress of technology, the concrete batching plant equipment will become more and more intelligent and efficient, and make greater contributions to the development of the construction industry.

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