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Concrete Batch Plant Equipment

February 25, 2022

The core technology of concrete batch plant equipment lies in the persistent pursuit of reasonable product cost, stable performance, and majestic overall appearance and structure. The concrete batch plant is equipped with large-capacity sand and stone storage silos, and the entire concrete batching plant equipment is in a fully enclosed environment from metering to mixing and discharging, and has outstanding performance in green. It is suitable for concentrated concrete mixing places such as concrete, medium-sized project construction and cement component products.

concrete batch plant equipment

How to buy a new type of concrete batch plant equipment and how much can it cost? Since its establishment, the concrete batching plant manufacturer has been committed to improving the capacity of concrete batching plant manufacturers, insisting on an investment of no less than 5% of sales every year, adhering to the concept of innovation, focusing on cutting-edge technology and future products, and attracting Industry development direction. Haomei Machinery has established a marketing network and established overseas agents to provide users with a full range of marketing services. The concrete batching plant equipment have covered 159 countries and regions in the world, and the export volume of large concrete batching plants is huge.


The batching unit of the concrete batch plant equipment should always keep the same aggregate specifications in each concrete batching machine. Inconsistency in aggregate specifications will not only affect the fluctuation of the mixture gradation, but also seriously affect the performance of the mixture. Therefore, the management of the stockpile should be strictly strengthened to prevent the occurrence of mixed storage. At the same time, the loader operator should operate carefully to prevent the occurrence of mixed storage. Before starting the concrete batching plant equipment, the power-on warning button should be pressed to indicate an alarm. After the outdoor electric bell rings several times and it is determined that there will be no danger, the equipment can be turned on again, or it can be warned through the loudspeaker. Normally, emergency situations can also be warned in this way.

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