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Concrete batch plant inspection checklist

February 26, 2019

Concrete batch plant inspection work is very important before start work, it helps to reduce error and maintenance cost, in addition, the inspection is also help to check the equipment quality of concrete batch plant manufacturers. There are quite a few people who are doing business in concrete mixing plants but they are not familiar with the industry, they rarely inspected the concrete batch plant before the process of using. In the process of mixing concrete, there are many problems that cause the equipment to malfunction.

concrete batch plant inspection

Let’s talk about what should be inspect or check out at the concrete batch plant.
1. Check whether the fastening parts of the concrete batch plant are loose or not, and whether the bolts are tightened.
2. Push the rolling parts of the concrete batch plants by hand to check whether the rolling is active, whether there is any stuck, and whether there is looseness between the parts.
3. Check whether the lubricating oil of each reducer of the concrete batching plant is added to the specified capacity, and whether the lubricating oil has impurities.
4. Check whether the connection condition of each line connector in the control room can be loosened,whether the arithmetic signal is accurate.
5. Check the opening and closing conditions of the opening mechanism of the belt feeder of the concrete mixing plant. The whole process should be free of jamming, the belt running is stable. Check whether the self-made device of the wall vibrator is flexible and adjustable. Screw conveyor should be stable in operation, no slippery at start and stop. The response of the leveler should be sensitive.
6. Check the working condition of the water supply system of the concrete mixing station: implement the whole process of transfer, check the working condition of the water spray pipe and the flow meter, and check whether the joints of the joints of the pipelines and valves should be sealed or not.
7. The concrete mixer of the concrete batching plant is stable and has no jamming.
8. The operation of the conveyor belt conveyor of the concrete batch plant inspectionis stable, and the deviation amount should be within the demarcation line.

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