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Concrete Batching Plant Cement Silo

March 13, 2023

It is more appropriate to configure several concrete batching plant cement silo for construction site. How many cement silos are suitable for concrete batching plant equipment? Some customers think that the price of concrete batching plant is not expensive, is not the manufacturer’s standard configuration of cement silos is not enough, is cement silos the more the better? In fact, it is not, so according to the distance between the construction of concrete batching plant site and cement silos, the raw material of mixing concrete machine needs concrete quantity comprehensive to determine your concrete mixing plant with several cement is the most reasonable.


What types of concrete batching plant cement silo can be matched with?

The 50 ton cement silo, 80 ton cement silo, and 100 ton cement silo can all be matched with our HZS concrete batching plant equipment. The specific type of concrete batching plant with which tonnage cement silo needs to be ordered by you. It is determined by the equipment model of the concrete mixing plant.

concrete batching plant cement silo

There are two or three principles for configuring concrete batching plant cement silo:

1, The distance between the construction site of the concrete mixing plant and the bulk cement plant is affected. If the distance is close, one can be used, or even not needed. Otherwise, several bulk cement silos need to be used.

2,The influence of the raw materials used on the construction site of the concrete batchingplant. If the raw materials used are not only cement but also fly ash, then even if the distance to the bulk cement plant is relatively close, at least two cement silos need to be used.

3, For concrete mixing plants that do not have high requirements for discharging materials, they can be configured according to the above two principles. In addition, if the amount of concrete required per hour is relatively large, then use fly ash tanks and cement tanks number should also be increased accordingly, this situation is more common concrete mixing plants can be properly considered.

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