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SICOMA MAO Concrete Mixer Manufacturer

March 20, 2023

The sicoma mao concrete mixer manufacturer produce SICOMA concrete mixer and the JS series twin shaft concrete mixer equipment. The sicoma mao concrete mixer has dual advantages of independent operation of a single machine and a simple concrete mixing plant with PLD series concrete batching machines can also provide supporting hosts for mixing plants, suitable for various large, medium and small prefabricated component factories and roads, bridges, water conservancy, wharves, etc. Large-scale industrial and civil construction projects.

sicoma mao concrete mixer manufacturer

The sicoma concrete mixer can be combined with different types of cement silo PLD series batching machines to form a simple concrete mixing station and a double concrete mixing station, with powerful power and high production efficiency. The SICOMA MAO concrete mixer has the same function as the JS series concrete mixer, but there is a slight difference in appearance. The SICOMA concrete mixer is only more delicate in the welding seam, and the color of the grease spray paint is brighter. In recent years, due to the rapid development of construction, concrete mixing machinery and equipment have also made great contributions to the country. It is hoped that the construction industry, road and bridge industry, and railway construction machinery industry will all operate in accordance with the country’s construction roads and policies. Use concrete machinery and equipment with confidence and boldness, it is more convenient to use concrete machinery and equipment after-sales service, so that your project delivery will not be delayed.


Some customers have reported that the price offered by sicoma mao concrete mixer manufacturer is slightly higher. In fact, the 50,000 to 100,000 dollars mixing main engine does not account for a high proportion of the several million dollar cost of the entire concrete batching plant, but it is the core working part of the concrete mixing plant, users are more inclined to choose a mixing host with reliable quality and good service.

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