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Concrete Mixer 0.5m3

August 21, 2023

A concrete mixer 0.5m3 refers to a concrete mixer that can discharge 0.5 cubic meters of material at a time. Currently, the most commonly used 0.5 cubic meter mixers are the JS500, JDC500, and JZC500 models. Below, the prices of different models of concrete mixers will be analyzed.


First, let’s talk about the JS500 concrete mixer:

The JS500 mixer is a twin shaft concrete mixer 0.5m3 can discharge 0.5 cubic meters of material at a time and has a production rate of 25m³ per hour. It is the most widely used concrete mixer in the construction industry. Unlike traditional concrete mixers, it uses the latest mixing technology, allowing it to adapt to different concrete mixing requirements. It also has a built-in vortex mixer to prevent material from clumping and blocking the storage. It can be used independently or serve as the mixing mainframe for the HZS25 concrete batching plant. JS500 concrete mixer is a cost-effective mixer. How much does this 0.5 cubic meter concrete mixer cost? The prices may vary depending on the equipment configuration and performance provided by different manufacturers, but generally, it can be purchased for tens of thousands of yuan.

concrete mixer 0.5m3

Next, let’s discuss the JZC500 mixer, which is also a 0.5 cubic meter mixer:

The JZC500 mixer is different from the JS500 mixer. It achieves mixing by rotating the mixing drum. It has a compact structure and operates smoothly. Compared to the forced 500 mixer, this mixer has lower energy consumption and is easier to operate. It is more commonly used for self-use in rural areas. The theoretical production capacity of the JZC500 mixer is also 0.5 cubic meters per batch, and its price is relatively cheaper than the JS500 mixer.


Lastly, there is the JDC500 mixer:

This type of concrete mixer is also known as a forced mixer. However, unlike the JS series mixers, it is a single horizontal shaft forced mixer. Compared to double horizontal shaft mixers, it may be slightly inferior in mixing quality, but it can still achieve good mixing effects. The JDC500 mixer has a discharge capacity of 0.5 cubic meters per batch and is usually used independently without being used in conjunction with a mixing station. Its price is similar to that of the JS500 mixer. Therefore, unless customers have special requirements, the majority of them would choose the JS500 mixer.


In conclusion, the price of a concrete mixer 0.5m3 depends on the specific model, and the quality of equipment produced by different manufacturers may also vary, resulting in price differences. Generally, mixers produced by large manufacturers have higher prices but also offer better quality assurance. If you need to purchase a 0.5 cubic meter concrete mixer, please feel free to call our website for inquiries and orders.

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