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Twin shaft concrete mixer price south africa

April 26, 2019

The twin-shaft concrete mixer price south africa is related with the equipment quality and has been very popular in the south Africa industry market. With the deep development of the building and building materials industry, more and more new high-efficiency twin-shaft concrete mixer products has been developed and researched.

concrete mixer price south africa

The product features of the twin shaft concrete mixer for sale in south Africa are:

1, The double-shaft concrete mixer stirring device adopts the patented design of 60° angle arrangement, the stirring arm streamline casting, uniform mixing, low resistance, and low probability of material holding shaft;
2, The twin-shaft concrete mixer is equipped with gear reducer manufactured by the military grade, with stable transmission and high load capacity;
3, The twin-shaft concrete mixer can be equipped with Italian original reducer, German original automatic lubrication pump, high-pressure cleaning device, temperature and humidity test system;
4, The shaft end seal of the twin-shaft concrete mixer is equipped with a floating oil seal ring and a multi-layer labyrinth seal structure composed of a special seal and a mechanical seal, which has reliable sealing, high stability and long service life;
5, The fully automatic lubrication system is equipped, and the double-shaft concrete mixer is equipped with four independent oil pumps for oil supply, high working pressure and excellent performance;
6, Double-shaft concrete mixer top-mounted motor installation and layout, with patented belt self-tensioning device to improve transmission efficiency, avoid excessive wear and damage of the belt, and reduce maintenance costs.
7, The double-shaft concrete mixer cylinder adopts a large volume ratio design concept, which can effectively improve the mixing efficiency, extend the service life of the shaft end seal, and reduce the probability of the material holding the shaft.
8, the concrete mixer price south africa is decided by the detailed configuration and the concrete mixer parts.

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