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Concrete mixer truck specifications of operation

June 21, 2017

At any time in the construction safety is the first element of construction requirements, so in the construction process of concrete plant, any guarantee of commodity concrete mixier truck construction safety should be considered, it is the key of the concrete station construction, now let me introduce the safety concrete mixer truck specifications of operation.

concrete mixer truck specificationsThe safety operation specifications of concrete mixer truck are:
1, In the installation process of concrete mixer truck, it is strictly prohibited to capsule tilt, leg deformation of the concrete tank, etc.
2, the bottom of the leg and basic embedded parts should be welding firmly .
3, Preparation of wind, lightning protection.
4, Any impact to the leg and the warehouse is strictly prohibited.
5, Check the attached cement of dust collector bag, and clear it in time.
6, The foundation must be solid, in accordance with the architectural design specification.
7, Once the dust collector bag is lit, the pressure inside the warehouse will be over the safety data of the warehouse top pressure relief valve, open the pressure relief valve to release storehouse pressure, be sure to prevent broke in the accident.
8, When commodity concrete mixer truck start work,  the tank must be set up by special crane, and then put it into the preformed in advance commercial concrete foundation, then check the vertical of cement silo(cement tank) and horizontal, and then connect the cement silo bottom with the base embedded parts welding firmly.

Acoordiing to the 8 aspects, you can save the cost and decrease the accident happen, before all these, the quality of concrete mixer truck should be considered firstly, if you need a qualified concrete mixer truck which is easy to maintain and seldom break down, I’d like to recommond Haomei amchinery to you, contact the sales manager to get quote and produuct cateloge if you want!

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