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Operation procedures of concrete pump truck for sale

June 29, 2017

Concrete pump truck is a kind of machine which is widely used in all kinds of construction site, it can transport the concrete though the pump boom to the direction need. To improve the capacity and working efficiency, the operation procedures of concrete pump truck for sale is needed.

concrete pump truck for sale

1, If the concrete pump truck is powered by electric motor or diesel engine,the operation shall comply with the relevant part of”electric motor safety operation rules” or “diesel engine safety operation rules”.
2, The pipeline should be support firmly, the joint should be connected firmly, pressure in the line or hanging heavy objects is not allowed.
3, Check whether the electric equipment is in good condition, various kinds of instrument is normal, driving safety device, hopper sieve and safety protection device re complete and reliable. Each part operating switch, button, handle shall be in the right position.
4, Check whether the connection parts is loose, the looseness of drive chain should be kept within prescribed scope.
5, Open the discharge valve, open the motor idling for 2-3 minutes, check whether the parts is normal, direction of rotation is correct.
6, In the process of pumping, watch pressure gauge instructions, if it exceeding the specified pressure, should immediately identify the cause of troubleshooting.
7, Pay attention to check the wear of valves, the seat or extruded tube, if discover leak slurry, should stop to check and repair or replacement, after that operation, then continue to work, if found blocking phenomenon, should be timely check and processing.
8, In downtime cause of error, should open the drain slurry valve to decrease the pressure, and troubleshooting. Concrete pump pressure did not drop to zero, shall not remove the air chamber, the pressure relief valve and pipe, handle stretch into the body is not allowed.
9, In the machine working process, any adjustment and maintenance work is not allowed, do not climb or ride on the pipeline.
10, After the production, should first stop feeding, discharge concrete and grouting out from the pump entirely, and stop in the following order: stop pumping, at the same time accumulate to the accumulator ; turn off the power supply.
11, When stop the pump, immediately remove  the concrete in hopper and pipeline, cleaning (water or gas) the pump, hopper valve box, pipe, etc. When cleaning, personnel should leave the discharge pipe and gas pipe bending joint, so as to avoid an accident.
12, Manual cleaning pump inner rotating parts, attention should be paid to stand in a safe location, antiskid falling into a mixing hopper. Washing the pump shell, be careful not to make water into the electric box, solenoid valve etc. After cleaning, the water on electric box and hood should be cleaned.
13, After the cleaning, the operator can leave only all kinds of power circuit switch blade.

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