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How to select qualified asphalt mixing plant

July 3, 2017

Asphalt mixing plant, also known as hot mix asphalt plant, it is a very significant machine equipment in road construction. The selection of asphalt mixing plant should be based on the amount of engineering, engineering progress and other requirements to determine the production capacity requirements, and accordingly to select the appropriate model.

asphalt mixing plant
Asphalt mixing plant selection mainly in accordance with the following aspects of comprehensive consideration.
(1) require the production of a variety of asphalt mixture or after upgrading to meet the special asphalt mixture production needs, but also should be reserved for some upgrade control points, including thermal regeneration, vertical mixer, fiber discharge, etc.
(2) requires the mixing device measurement system accuracy and stability, with a convenient weighing calibration method.
(3) requires advanced control system, with reserved points, easy to identify the user interface.
(4) requires energy saving and environmental protection, with sufficient safety level.

With all these aspects considered, Haomei asphalt mixing plant comes into my mind immediately. The asphalt mixing plant of Haomei machinery using a new modular design to meet a variety of high-grade pavement works. Product performance is stable and reliable, through the upgrade optimization, the function is reasonable, high degree of automation, the main components are imported brands. The asphalt mixing plant of Haomei machinery have many advantages.
1. Asphalt mixing plant has three pieces (vibrating screen, mixing cylinder, drying drum), they are all patented product, the whole production capacity improved, the quality enhanced and more secure and convenient.
2. The overall layout is compact, novel structure, small footprint, easy to install and transition.
3. The equipment is modularized design to facilitate the transportation and installation of the components of the equipment.
4. The equipment uses electronic precision measurement (asphalt tracking measurement, stone secondary measurement), to ensure accurate measurement.
5. Electrical components used Germany imported brands, control system for manual / automatic computer control.
6. The key parts of the equipment reducer, bearings, burners, pneumatic components, dust filter bags are imported brands to ensure the stability of equipment operation.

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