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Concrete mixing plant manufacturer

February 25, 2020

There are many concrete mixing plant manufacturer in China, and Haomei is a large-scale concrete batching plant manufacturer with a history over 25 years. There are customer sites and distributors in the world wide. There are many customers who are satisfied with our concrete batching plant quality and as well as our service. As a professional concrete batching plant manufacturer, we will customize the plan for concrete batching plant setting up.

concrete mixing plant manufacturer

Many times, customers will be required by the concrete mixing plant manufacturers to have various additional systems, for example, when necessary, for some concrete batching plants equipped with spray dust removal system, in fact, when the main building and the belt conveyor are closed, there is no need to add spray dedusting, which not only takes many actions at once, but also improves the water content of aggregate and the angle of concrete. There is no substantive help. In order to reduce the price on the surface and cater to the psychological price of customers, some manufacturers of bad cement mixing plant deliberately go to small-scale or omit the batching bin, cement bin and so on, and finally find reasons to increase the price. Haomei will submit a complete configuration list at the beginning, and everything will follow the configuration list. All parameters of the concrete mixing plant will be informed to prevent fraud.


At present, there are many channels to buy concrete batching plant, such as distributors, manufacturers, online shopping malls, but after investigation is more reasonable! Because dealers are also purchase goods from concrete mixing plant manufacturers, in order to make profits, they will definitely increase the price of concrete batching plant equipment and then sell, which will increase the purchase cost of customers invisibly. Secondly, some dealers will also sell the concrete mixing plant at a lower price, but the concrete mixing plant they sell may have second-hand equipment renovation or patchwork, which will affect the later use of customers. The concrete mixing plant equipment sold by the Haomei are all produced by themselves, and they will definitely buy a customer at a reasonable price. At the same time, the quality of the equipment directly sold by the manufacturers is more guaranteed. It’s right to purchase all the equipment from the mixing plant to the manufacturers.

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