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Large cement mixer for sale

February 20, 2020

The large cement mixer for sale shall provide cast-in-place concrete to the construction site in the form of centralized pre mixing and long-distance transportation. This is a kind of high-tech concrete mixer which combines modern concrete with modern building technology. Modern buildings, highways, railways, bridges, airports, etc. are inseparable from concrete pouring, so concrete mixer has become a hot product in these industries.

large cement mixer for sale

As we all know, concrete mixers are used in the open air and exposed to wind, sun and rain all year round. If regular maintenance can extend the service life of the equipment. The concrete mixer cleaned the inside and outside of the mixing barrel, drained the doors, etc., and washed them with water. Adhesives that are not properly cleaned should be removed at regular intervals. Tighten the mixing blade once a week to prevent the blade from falling and causing accidents. The large cement mixer for sale shall check whether the shaft end sealing cavity, the inlet and outlet of the distributor, the sealing line are smooth, whether they are full of grease and whether there is enough grease at each lubricating point and gearbox. Observe whether the grease in the oil cylinder of electric lubricating pump at all levels is used up. After use, it shall be filled in time, and it is not allowed to operate without oil.


Why is the concrete mixer inefficient in sometimes when the operator does not have rich experience?

1, preparation time is longer than mixing and discharging time. Because the preparation of various raw materials needs to be completed after the preparation, in this case, there is a large amount of idle time in the whole process, which can only wait for the preparation work, which greatly reduces the workload and efficiency of each workflow. Unable to complete the corresponding workload.

2, the preparation time is less than or equal to the sum of the two. In the process of concrete production, the calculation of large cement mixer for sale work efficiency is relatively large, that is to say, the total production time is too long, which will destroy the production balance of the whole concrete, and the work efficiency is low.large cement mixer for sale

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