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Brick maker machine for sale

February 18, 2020

Haomei is a concrete brick machine manufacturer in china, we supply brick maker machine for sale. The brick making machine adopts the vibration and pressure forming of the table top and the reciprocating guide feeding device, with short forming cycle, high production efficiency, dense block, high strength and accurate size.

brick maker machine for sale

The brick making machine has the advantages of reasonable design, reliable technology, and excellent performance in service life. Using this kind of equipment for a long time will not cause failure, and the maintenance cost is cheap. It is not necessary to replace the equipment frequently to save costs. After a long time of use, the parts of the brick making machine will be severely worn. If it is not replaced in time, it may produce large noise and other faults. It is necessary to check the parts regularly and replace them in time. The vibration platform, the upper plane of the plate feeder and the upper plane of the brick feeder must be flat, otherwise the supporting plate of the brick feeder cannot be smoothly transported, and the block cannot be pushed out or cracked.


The brick making machine has the characteristics of strong pressure bearing capacity and high production efficiency. It can produce with high intensity and complete the production task in a short time. The brick maker machine for sale is very simple in operation. The user can master the operation method of the equipment in a relatively short time. In this way, enterprises do not need to spend a lot of money to carry out personnel training, and can operate in a short time, which can greatly shorten the training time.

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