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Twin shaft concrete mixer parts

February 14, 2020

Twin shaft concrete mixer parts include main frame, mixing device, transmission system, limit device and electrical control system. The JS series double shaft forced concrete mixer has high mixing efficiency, even mixing and clean discharging. The discharging volume of Haomei JS concrete mixer is 500-4000L, the mixing capacity is 0.5 to 4 cubic meter.

concrete mixer parts

The main frame of the JS concrete mixer is the support part of the whole equipment, which is welded by channel steel. The mixing device is composed of mixing drum, mixing shaft and mixing blade. The concrete mixer mixing blade is fixed on the mixing arm, and is integrated with the mixing shaft to form two groups of spiral blades with opposite direction, but the lead and spiral lift angle are the same. The clearance between the mixing blade and the inner arm of the mixing drum can be slightly adjusted. The transmission mechanism is composed of decelerating civil aircraft and coupling. The cylinder limit device is composed of locking pin and positioning hole. The electric control system has the functions of starting, inching, stopping and timing.


Working principle of the concrete mixer parts are the reduction motor makes the mixing shaft rotate in one direction through the coupling, and the positive and negative shovel pieces on the mixing shaft stir the materials. Due to the function of the helix rising angle, when the shovel pieces work, the materials in the barrel are pushed from one side to the other side, and from the other side back to the original position, so that the materials are fully stirred, so as to obtain the ideal mixing effect. During unloading, the concrete mixer shall be stopped, the lock shall be opened, the barrel shall be rotated at a certain angle, and then the position shall be limited. Press the inching button to discharge the mixture out of the barrel.

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