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Automatic paver block making machine

February 11, 2020

The automatic paver block making machine adopts the vibration and pressure forming of the table top and the reciprocating guide feeding device, with short forming cycle, high production efficiency, dense block, high strength and accurate size. Most of the wastes used in the hydraulic automatic brick making machine are used as raw materials for brick production, such as fly ash, slag, slag, construction waste, lime, sand, etc. the environmental protection paver brick machine has limited means for optimizing the resources of these wastes, which embodies the characteristics of environmental protection, transforms the wastes into reasonable and effective valuable resources, reduces the generation of wastes, and plays a good role in environmental protection.

automatic paver block making machine

Main technical features of automatic paver block making machine are:

(1) Imported hydraulic system, advanced electro-hydraulic two-way sequential high and low pressure operation system, high pressure, high speed, low power consumption and low noise.

(2) It integrates mechanical, electrical and hydraulic, starts up automatically and circulates to work, multiple action programs are interlocked, and the pressure is automatically distributed.

(3) The electric control system of paver block making machine adopts imported electrical components, PLC computer and terminal display touch screen, menu, change mechanical action according to different raw materials at any time, and implement man-machine dialogue.

(4) Fault self diagnosis display and reserve remote control port to realize remote technical support and maintenance.

(5) One machine is multi-purpose. By changing the mold, automatic paver block making machine can produce standard brick, hollow brick, briquette coke, ceramic tile, magnetic material, abrasive products, etc.

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