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High capacity large concrete batching plant

February 6, 2020

The high capacity large concrete batching plant equipment produced by Haomei Machinery has always been favored by the market and praised by customers. The large concrete mixing plant us usually used as commercial ready mix concrete plant, and large construction projects of buildings, bridges and roads. The advantages of Haomei HZS concrete mixing plant equipment are summarized and analyzed.
large concrete batching plant

1. The mixing machine is featured by uniform mixing, high efficiency, high mixing capacity, uniform mixing, rapid mixing and high production efficiency. The lining plate and mixer blade are made of high wear-resistant materials. After special treatment, the special shaft end support and sealing greatly improve the use performance of the main machine.

2. The accuracy of the imported components of the metering system is high. When the concrete bathing plant produced by Haomei is equipped with the metering system, the accuracy of the aggregate metering, powder metering and water metering are very high. The main components are produced by the components of the well-known manufacturers at home and abroad.

3. High efficiency of conveying system, low failure of conveying system, aggregate conveying system (elevator and belt conveyor) and powder conveying system (screw conveyor) the elevator produced by Haomei has simple structure, small floor area and low cost; high conveying efficiency, low failure rate and long service life of belt conveyor; good sealing effect, high efficiency and flexible layout of screw conveyor.

4. The large concrete batching plant produced by Haomei with advanced control system technology and simple operation adopts computer control (there are two kinds of full-automatic and semi-automatic, which can be selected according to the type and model of the concrete batching plant). It can be operated automatically or manually. It is easy to operate and maintain.

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