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Buy concrete mixers with high quality and low cost

February 3, 2020

Buy concrete mixers with high quality and low cost here in Haomei, the twin shaft JS concrete mixer has sufficient power and good mixing effect. Its blades are worn slow, its discharge is fast, mixing time is short, it can mix a variety of items, and its use range is very wide. Pay attention to the accuracy of various instruments of the concrete mixer in daily use, change the lubricating oil regularly, and check the sealing condition of the machine, timely replacement shovel, etc.

buy concrete mixers

After the concrete mixer is powered on, start the main mixing motor, and then add the unshaped refractory to the mixing plate of the concrete mixer after entering the normal working state. At the same time, add a certain amount of water to the mixing plate through the water pump, and mix together. After the materials are evenly mixed, open the material door, enter the trolley through the discharge chute, and the trolley can move and stay on the working guide rail at will In order to meet the feeding requirements of different positions of the main iron hook, after all the materials of the concrete mixer are discharged, close the material gate, and then a mixing cycle is completed. A certain clearance shall be maintained between all scrapers and liners during operation. 220v750w single-phase submersible pump is used for water supply. The water is supplied by time, and the power is cut off automatically after the water supply is completed.


The features of Haomei twin shaft concrete mixers for sale are:
1. Good mixing quality: advanced mixing machine, strong mixing effect;

2. High production efficiency: advanced design, short mixing time, fast discharging;

3. It can mix many kinds of concrete, such as plastic concrete, dry concrete, fluidity concrete, mortar concrete and lightweight aggregate concrete;

4. Widely used: it can be widely used in small and medium-sized concrete batching plant, highway, bridge, water conservancy wharf and civil engineering construction;

5.Low energy consumption, low noise: the exquisite technology makes the buy concrete mixersnot only save energy, but also reduce the working noise.

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