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concrete mixer parts

Concrete Mixer Parts

The composition of the concrete mixer parts mainly composed of the mixing cylinder, the transmission mechanism, the mixing mechanism and other auxiliary mechanisms. The mixing quality of the twin-shaft forced concrete mixer is very good. Compared with the traditional single-shaft concrete mixer, the mixing speed is greatly improved, the operation is simple, and the use is safe and reliable. The structure …

Twin shaft concrete mixer parts

Twin shaft concrete mixer parts include main frame, mixing device, transmission system, limit device and electrical control system. The JS series double shaft forced concrete mixer has high mixing efficiency, even mixing and clean discharging. The discharging volume of Haomei JS concrete mixer is 500-4000L, the mixing capacity is 0.5 to 4 cubic meter. The main frame of the JS concrete mixer is the …

concrete mixer maintenance

Concrete mixer maintenance precautions

Regular concrete mixer maintenance work can ensure the efficient operation of machinery and equipment, improve efficiency and reduce failures. Concrete mixers need to be maintained after each use, then the service life of concrete mixer is long and the concrete mixer parts have better work condition. However, what is needed to maintain the concrete mixer in daily production? Let us talk …

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