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Concrete mixer maintenance precautions

October 10, 2019

Regular concrete mixer maintenance work can ensure the efficient operation of machinery and equipment, improve efficiency and reduce failures. Concrete mixers need to be maintained after each use, then the service life of concrete mixer is long and the concrete mixer parts have better work condition. However, what is needed to maintain the concrete mixer in daily production? Let us talk about the daily maintenance precautions of concrete mixers.

concrete mixer maintenance

Regular maintenance and repair work on concrete mixer equipment. If the mixing blade or liner is found to be worn, it should be replaced as appropriate. Regularly check the transmission gear and apply grease to extend its service life. In order to prevent the residual concrete from solidifying and agglomerating, and hinder the normal operation of the machine, the concrete mixer and the discharge hopper should be cleaned every four hours, and the inspection work should be done regularly to ensure the efficient operation of the production equipment.


In addition to the daily maintenance work, the clutch needs to be dismantled to check and adjust the brake clearance. If the brake band is worn inside the clutch, the brake band needs to be replaced. In addition, it is necessary to check the wire rope, V-belt sliding bearing, water distribution system and walking wheel. The gap between the mixing blade and the squeegee and the lining plate should be checked, the sealing and flexibility of the upper hopper and the discharge door, and the wear level of the clutch should be normal. The concrete mixer maintenance with chain rotation needs to check the elongation of the chain pitch.

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