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Find professional batching plant manufacturer here

October 15, 2019

Find professional batching plant manufacturer in China, Haomei has decades of years experience on provide high mixing efficiency concrete batching plant. No matter used in engineering projects, or used in ready mix concrete company, Haomei HZS series concrete batching plant has great performance and won good reputation. To find a trusted batching plant manufacturer is the permit of buying high quality concrete batching plant. How can we distinguish the quality of concrete batching plant?

batching plant manufacturer
1. Equipment material
In the material of the concrete batching plant equipment, the steel plate should be thick, and the purchaser should pay special attention to the steel materials of the batching plant equipment, if the steel are not good in the process of application, which will affect the production.
2. Appearance skills
Welding skills, carefully check the welding of key parts, bad welding may result in safety accident, which constitutes a large loss of customers. The appearance of a good concrete batching plant is regular in the atmosphere, uniform in painting, good in viscosity and obvious text prompts.
3. Quality details
(1). Check the quality of the steel bars and screens of the vibrating screen on the mixer. a reasonable standard and review the equipment of the screen;
(2). The operation of the dynamic system should be flexible and there is no abnormal sound; the belt conveyor, bucket elevator and cantilever shovel should be shaken, the work should be flexible, the brakes can be high, there is no abnormal noise, and there is no card chain;
(3). The review of the quantity system is also very important. It is necessary to review the sensitivity of the measurement system; the measurement of the inflow and discharge of the bucket should be smooth, and there should be no accumulation of materials or overflows;
(4). The batching plant manufacturer should also ensure the quality of cement silos; the supporting line equipment shall be reasonable and the equipment to be equipped shall be accurate.

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