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Concrete Mixing Plant Mobile Type

April 29, 2021

The concrete mixing plant mobile type has the characteristics of high degree of automation, small footprint, compact structure, etc. Thus the mobile concrete mixing plant which have become the first choice of customers. It is different from the characteristics of fixed concrete mixing plants that are not easy to transfer. This mobile concrete batching plant equipment is tailored for customers who need frequent transfers or mobile construction, a variety of models also provide you with diversified choices.

concrete mixing plant mobile type

The mixing capacity of concrete mixing plant mobile type is about 25-75m3/h. The batching device, aggregate conveying device, water/additive supply system, metering system, mixing system, electrical control system and air control system are integrated on a trailer chassis. The installation of mobile concrete batching plant is simple and fast. It has the advantages of easy drag and use, and it does not need to occupy the land for a long time, and it can be moved flexibly according to the progress of the project.


The concrete mixing plant mobile type adopts a wheel-type rapid motion design, and the transmission field is simple and convenient. Wherever high-quality concrete products are needed, when one site is over, it can be easily moved to the next site very easy, and the performance of the mobile concrete mixing plant equipment will not be affected by the relocation, which greatly increases the production time and shortens the disassembly and assembly cycle.

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