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Interlocking Pavers Making Machine

April 26, 2021

The quality of bricks directly reflects the molding effect of an interlocking pavers making machine, which is closely related to the nature of the raw materials, the rationality of the ratio, and the pressure of the molding. Therefore, in the process of making interlocking bricks, it is necessary to ensure a reasonable ratio of raw materials and the effective molding pressure of the interlock brick making machine. If the degree of pulverization of the raw materials is not high, the ingredients are unreasonable, and the mixing is not uniform, the interlocking bricks produced will have uneven colors, many burrs, and not smooth. If the molding pressure of the interlocking brick machine is not enough, the raw materials for bricks will suffer uneven force, the pressed bricks are not strong enough, corners, breaks, etc. will appear, and the quality of the interlocking paver bricks cannot be ensured. Therefore, the raw materials and pressure have a very large effect on the formed bricks.

interlocking pavers making machine

As a manufacturer of interlocking pavers making machine, Haomei Machinery hereby reminds all users to do their best to prepare before production to avoid producing unqualified products and improve work efficiency. The maintenance instructions of the interlocking brick making machine, the brick making machine is roughly divided into three main parts:

1) Electric control part:

Traditional injection machines use contact relays to switch various actions. They often fail due to loose contact screws and contact aging. Usually, they should be replaced after one million times of use to ensure electrical control stability. In particular, environmental factors such as dust adhesion and humid air will also affect the interlocking paver machine’s operation. Modern injection machines use contactless integrated circuits, which greatly reduces the connection of wires, significantly improves the undesirable phenomena caused by the wires, and improves the stability.


2) Institutional part:

The mechanism should be regularly maintained and lubricated to reduce the coefficient of friction and reduce wear. The nuts and locking screws on the head plate should be checked regularly to prevent the elder pillar from breaking due to uneven force.

The mold thickness adjustment mechanism of interlocking bricks making machine should regularly check whether the large gear or chain of the drive shaft is offset or slack. Whether the screw of the pressure plate on the gear is loose, whether the lubricating grease is enough, etc.


3) Hydraulic part:

In the hydraulic system of interlocking pavers making machine, attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil to maintain the quality of the hydraulic oil. The stable and high-quality hydraulic oil should be used. In addition to regular replacement, its working temperature should be properly controlled below 50C to avoid deterioration. And affect the stability of hydraulic action.

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