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How to choose concrete pump car

April 30, 2020

Choosing a reliable manufacturer of concrete pump car is very important when purchasing concrete pump truck with long boom. The concrete boom pump truck has boom of 37m, 42m and 45m. It is an important equipment on construction site. Therefore, in addition to caring for the concrete pump truck price, the following aspects need everyone to carefully consider during the purchase process.

concrete pump car

First, look at the brand

When buying a concrete pump truck, the brand must be chosen carefully. At present, there are many companies producing concrete boom pump truck. If you want to buy a high-performance concrete pump car, it is very important to understand the brand’s technical strength before buying. Usually when choosing a concrete pump truck product, it is very important to choose a direct sales type manufacturer that integrates production and sales, so that the technical and quality problems of the product can be received and handled in a timely manner.


Second, look at product configuration

The configuration of the concrete pump truck product cannot be ignored. Usually need to observe the product workmanship and other key parts of the material. When selecting components, the materials of the hydraulic hose and the lubricating copper pipe are as important as the “main oil pump” at the heart of the concrete pump. Once a hose fails, it will affect the normal operation of the entire hydraulic system, resulting in the machinery is malfunctioning, and these are places that many companies do not pay much attention to, so observing the selection of these concrete pump car parts can show the company’s technical strength.

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