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How much does a concrete pump truck cost

May 6, 2020

How much does a concrete pump truck cost is related with the equipment configuration, quality, brand and the service of concrete pump truck manufacturers. To the concrete pump truck equipment, the hydraulic system is the most important part, when we are looking for concrete pump truck for sale, we should first check the hydraulic system quality and then judge whether the concrete pump truck is worth to buy according to other aspects.

how much does a concrete pump truck cost

Although the driving arm and master cylinder are both hydraulic systems. However, there are differences between hydraulic systems and systems for different brands of concrete pump trucks. A good hydraulic system can generate greater working pressure, and has the advantages of less reverse impact force and easy control. So the concrete pump truck cost has huge relationship with the hydraulic system. Part of the reason for the boom is the insufficient working pressure of the hydraulic system. The maximum working pressure that the master cylinder can generate directly determines the maximum suction height of the concrete pump. Therefore, the hydraulic system must not only achieve a specific role, but also optimize its performance while satisfying its work requirements, so that the pressure generated by the hydraulic system is greater and more stable.


At the same time, the hydraulic system should also have the functions of overload protection and standardization of hydraulic components. Overload protection is to make the hydraulic system itself have a longer service life and reduce the possibility of failure of hydraulic valves and hydraulic oil pumps. Problems with the hydraulic system usually cause the concrete pump truck to work properly. If you can’t find spare parts that can be used now, it is indeed a very troublesome thing. In order to maximize profitable after-sales maintenance, various manufacturers use non-standard parts, resulting in longer maintenance and part cycles. So how much does a concrete pump truck cost should consider the hydraulic system first.

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