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Why does the concrete pump truck cost more than concrete pump

April 12, 2017

“Concrete pump “and” concrete pump truck”are all belong to concrete conveying machine, they have the same function, the former need truck drag transportation and other holder and pipeline, while the latter has the locomotive body, free stretch arm, don’t need pipeline any more. And the concrete pump truck cost more than concrete pump, concrete pump need hundreds of thousands RMB, and the concrete pump truck need millions of RMB. Why does the concrete pump truck expensive? We must mention the difference of them.concrete pump truck cost

About the concrete pump: Concrete pump is composed of pump body and pipeline. It is a kind of conveyor machine use pressure to transfer the concrete along the pipeline continuously, it is mainly used in residence buildings, bridges and the tunnel construction. At present, the concrete pump is mainly divided into gate valve concrete pump, S valve ,and a kind of concrete pump with pump body wrapped in automobile chassis and equipped with a telescopic or inflectional placing boom.
About the concrete pump truck: It has the same composition as concrete pump. In the form of the structure it is divided into piston type, extrusion type, the hydraulic diaphragm type. Concrete pump truck is modified on the truck chassis, and the movement devices,power transmission devices, pumping and mixing device, cloth device and other auxiliary equipment are installed on the chassis. Concrete pump truck transmit the engine power by power transfer case to the hydraulic pump group or rear axle, hydraulic pump driven piston driven concrete pump work. Using placing boom and pipe on the pump truck transfer the concrete to a certain height and distance.

With the features:flexible, placing boom freely, suitable for conveying mixture for horizontal and vertical direction, even the obstacles for casting, the concrete pump truck cost more then the concrete pump, but many people treasure efficiency most, it becomes concrete equipment user’s first choice. Haomei machinery has qualified concrete pump truck for you with reasonable price,welcome to visit our factory to choose the type you want.

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