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Talk about concrete pump rental market

April 12, 2017

Since entering the new century, along with the rapid development of national economy in our country, the concrete pump truck manufacturing technology has made great progress, and promoted the commercial concrete industry matured. Now more and more people pursuit construction efficiency than other factors, concrete pump truck is more and more accepted by construction market users.concrete pump truck rental

Concrete pump truck rental market are mainly service for highway engineering, residence buildings, municipal utilities engineering, railway, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, bridge engineering, tunnel engineering, highway subgrade engineering. Then many people are confused about whether to rent a concrete pump truck is affordable than to purchase a new one. The advantages and disadvantages are compared in many aspects. First for the price, in the long run,rental price for years are equal to buy a new equipment, in some country, it is even higher. But for a qualified concrete pump truck, the using life is more than a few years, so to a high-quality equipment,it is more affordable to buy a new one. Secondly is for quality and service. A professional enterprise with qualified products are the best choice, as you know, many concrete pump truck rental companies purchase equipment from these enterprises. So when it comes to the professional technology on product, how can these rental company be equal to manufacturers? To the service, the manufacturers are equipped with professional staff who can provide right guidance and suggestions in the whole process, a rental company usually has many sales man and seldom engineers. Rather than to rent a concrete pump truck, it is better to purchase a new one with high capacity and quality.

Haomei machinery uphold the principle of customer first, honest and trustworthy, the pursuit to high quality. Our company provide long-term service for the railway, highway, water conservancy, electricity, factories and mines, oil fields, ports, municipal construction and other large engineering construction by providing concrete pump truck, we have won the praise of the customers domestic and abroad for a long time!

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