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What is the truck mounted concrete pump

April 12, 2017

People always said “sky pump”,”earth pump” and ”truck mounted pump”.But what is the truck mounted concrete pump?truck mounted concrete pump

The truck mounted concrete pump is a powerful machinery equipment with automatic feeding, automatic mixture stirring, high-pressure pump. It doesn’t need combine delivery mixer pump any more, high automation degree can reduce the labor intensity of workers, save labor costs greatly. The truck mounted concrete pump has perfect body design with extremely good maneuverability, easy movement and convenient construction.And high efficiency forced stirring drag pump is installed on the truck body, avoid the loading and unloading work of machinery and equipment, also improve the equipment utilization greatly. The mixing system with double shaft, the concrete is stirred evenly. It can produce concrete with good work ability and compactness, high strength. During the construction process, it will not affect the steel structure of the floor, the quality of casting slab is better too. Pumping system, fully succeed small concrete pump’s “high material absorption, high pumping rate” features. Without stirring blind Angle, aggregate, blanking is smooth with good aspiration. It is suitable for the mixing on site, large aggregate concrete conveying, the pipe is seldom blocked, pumping rate improved greatly. Automobile chassis, the truck mounted concrete pump use international well-known leading light vehicle chassis with high quality. The chassis has advantages of mature, reliable, powerful, high performance, comfort driving, perfect maintenance network, agility and flexibility.All the user can choose appropriate chassis according to their own demands.

Concrete pump truck has cantilever crane which can scale as demand, it is suitable for short distance pumping. And truck mounted concrete pump has no cantilever crane, it has high pressure and suitable for long-distance pumping!

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