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The advantages of concrete pumping truck in construction

April 12, 2017

Concrete pump truck application in the field of construction has improved the efficiency of the project greatly, it can not only speed up the project, reduce the project cost, but also can guarantee the quality of concrete structures.What are the advantages of the concrete pumping truck construction exactly? Now let us have a look at it.concrete pumping truck

Experts pointed out that : transportation and casting of concrete pump truck has been the research object for many researchers, under the different construction condition, reasonable choice of concrete pump methods and equipment has important siginificance to improve labor productivity. Casting concrete of large buildings use the traditional methods like skip, elevators, cranes, belt conveyor, etc., but they all exist many defects, and the concrete pump truck is an ideal concrete conveying equipment currently. So what are the advantages of the construction of concrete pump truck? Specific have the following factors:
1, economy and compression
Concrete pump truck in construction can solve the problems of concrete transport and casting horizontal and vertical, the concrete pump truck construction mechanization degree is quite high with less labor, construction organization is very simple, and the compressive strength is high. The compressive strength of concrete is 20 ~ 40 Mpa commonly, some can be as high as 80 ~ 120 Mpa, it is suitable for structural materials.
2, high efficient and practical
The concrete pump truck casting process usually need to be continuous, construction efficiency is very high. Also due to the common work ability with steel is quite good, and expansion coefficient of concrete and steel is near, mechanical characteristics can complement each other, and the cohesive force with steel is strong, thus they can be made into reinforced concrete, expand the range of application greatly.
3. excellent quality
When pumping concrete, because concrete quality requirements of technology is strict, so the quality of concrete is a kind of test when pumping, as the pump is continuous, in the process of pumping concrete can’t segregate easily, so there isn’t big concrete slump, it is very easy to guarantee the quality of engineering.

In construction, the concrete pump truck has strong adaptability for the construction operation range and wide scope of operation, the pipeline can be laid to many place that other equipment is difficult to reach, concrete pump truck also can make concrete filling cast in place under certain pressure, and put the pumps in series in order to increase the output distance, it can meet the construction requirements, and so the concrete pumping truck is received by the general contractor greatly.

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