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Concrete pump sale on the market

May 19, 2020

Concrete pump sale on the market is mainly used for concrete transportation in high-rise, high-speed, overpass and other large and medium-sized concrete projects. The concrete pump machine has the advantages of high mechanization, convenient operation and high efficiency.  There are two type of concrete pump on the market, that are trailer concrete pump and concrete boom pump truck, people can choose the suitable type according to the engineering project. But in the use process, pipe plugging is often difficult to deal with. How to prevent pipe plugging?

concrete pump sale

Strengthen the training of concrete pump operators to improve their sense of responsibility and professional level. Generally, there are obvious signs of pipe plugging. From the perspective of pump oil pressure, if the peak pressure of each pump stroke rises rapidly with the alternation of stroke and reaches the set pressure quickly, the normal concrete pump cycle will stop automatically, and the overflow sound of the overflow valve of the main oil circuit indicates that the pipe has been blocked. On the other hand, the condition of the delivery pipeline can be observed. In normal pumping, the pipeline and the concrete pump only produce slight back seat vibration. If there is sudden violent vibration, although the pumping operation is still in progress, there is no concrete flowing out of the pipe orifice, which also indicates that the pipe is blocked. The operator must know in time to pump continuously as much as possible. When the hopper cannot be stopped, enough materials shall be kept. Two strokes of positive and negative operation shall be conducted every 5 minutes to prevent segregation. When the concrete pump sale is stopped for more than 30-45 minutes, the materials in the pump and the pipe shall be removed, and the materials with small slump shall be filled more deliberately.

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