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How to choose mobile batch plant

May 22, 2020

Haomei YHZS series mobile batch plant 25-75m3/h has the features of high degree of automation, fast installation and movement. There are many mobile batching plant manufacturers on the market, we suggest you to choose Chinese factory because of the high cost performance, good service, low cost and high reputation.

mobile batch plant
1, Preparatory work for purchasing mobile batching plant equipment

You should first understand your current situation and specific needs. You can learn some basic information of the mobile batch plant equipment through online information, and then ask about the price and quality of several mobile concrete plants. You must choose to consult regular mobile concrete batch plant manufacturers to let It guides you through the process of purchasing portable concrete batch plant equipment.
2, After your own site and funds are in place, you should visit the mobile concrete batching plant manufacturer

Everyone knows that the material of the concrete batching plant and the environmental protection device are important elements that constitute the cost of the concrete batch plant, and the reasonable selection of materials is an important means of controlling the price of the mobile concrete batch plant equipment. In general, the materials of the mobile concrete plant are almost the same, so you can ask the manufacturer a little during the inspection. For example, the steel plate thickness of mobile concrete mixing plant main console, etc. If there are requirements for sewage treatment and thermostatic mute devices, these are all to be investigated.
3, Ask the qualification, reputation, quality assurance, after-sales and other issues of the mobile batch plant manufacturer when buying

At the time of purchase, it is better to find an concrete batch plant manufacturer with rich experience, such as Haomei Construction Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Before the final payment is paid, let the manufacturer test the machine according to your requirements. The main purpose is to check the quality and production efficiency of the mixing plant equipment. At the same time, the manufacturer’s quality assurance, after-sales and other issues shall be included in the contract to see if there is any obvious fraud in the contract of mobile batch plant.

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