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Analyze the technical system of concrete pump trailer

April 28, 2018

Because of its reliable quality and excellent quality, the concrete pump trailer is welcomed by the customers. What are the advantages of concrete trailer pump? We have to mention the technical system of the trailer concrete pump.

concrete pump trailer

1, Hydraulic system
The hydraulic system of the concrete pump trailer has function of constant power control, which can prevent the power system from overloading, or can automatically protect in case of overload. This system effectively extends the service life of the prime mover. In addition, the manifold valve  has compact set and reasonable layout. The automatic commutation system is adopted, the commutation action is more stable, reliable and rapid. It effectively reduces commutation impact and achieves zero impact. At the same time, the hydraulic system realizes the switching between high pressure and low displacement and high pressure displacement. Some can also achieve stepless control of displacement and pressure.
2, Power system
Concrete pump trailer can be configured according to the different needs of the user in different forms of power, such as motors or diesel engines, in addition to a wide range of power of the host, the user can freely choose within its power range, while the power of the power plant is further increased.
3, Operating system
Each part of the trailer concrete pump operation is more safe, reliable and sensitive in indicating and switching actions. The indicating system can accurately reflect the situation in the pumping work and feed back faults in time. At the same time, most of the delivery pumps have long-distance remote control devices.

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