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Check list of concrete pump trucks for sale

May 11, 2018

The concrete pump trucks for sale has reach the advanced level by adapting advanced computer simulation technology at home and abroad. Using modern advanced computer simulation technology, the effects of various parameters such as stress, displacement and natural frequency of the concrete boom pump structure on the fatigue life of the boom are systematically analyzed. At the same time, the hydraulic system is optimized and the new free fluid technology is adopted to reduce the impact of the pumping on the pump boom. Advance technology in the optimization of the boom structure and the design of the hydraulic system,the perfect product quality control, the perfect product manufacture, the meticulous quality inspection can help customers find a qualified model.

concrete pump trucks for sale

When purchasing concrete pump trucks for sale, we summarize the check list for helping you to make choice.
1.Check the performance of the concrete boom pump, the smoothness and flexibility of the extension and recovery of the boom, the diameter of the chassis, the diameter of the turning and the fuel consumption of the engine are investigated. Carefully understand the manufacturing quality, to its structural parts, the steel should has high strength and its welding procedure should be strict.

2.check the safety and environmental requirements of the product, and check whether the special vehicle’s strong inspection project, braking performance, emission index and noise limit are in conformity with the standard requirements. Inspect whether the after-sales service outlets of the concrete pump truck suppliers can meet the timely service, and the ability of service quality, service level and timely supply of spare parts.

3.check the supply list and relevant information during purchase of concrete pump trucks and inspection in detail, check whether the certificate, the use of instructions, accessories, maintenance bags and so on are consistent with the object, the purchase procedures should be complete.

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