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Staffing management of the asphalt drum mix plant

May 16, 2018

The current asphalt drum mix plant control technology is increasingly advanced and the scientific and technological content is increasing. This requires the strengthening of management in order to meet the construction needs, ensure the normal operation of the machinery, ensure the quality of the project and ensure the progress of the project. The management of an asphalt drum mix plant reflected in the management of personnel and the management of production. The benefits increased from management have become a consensus in the asphalt industry. Reasonable and efficient staffing is the first step to ensure the normal production and increase the working efficiency of the asphalt mixing plant.

asphalt drum mix plant

At present, the proportion of labor costs in construction companies is increasing year by year. Therefore, how to allocate the best human resources is not only reflected in the selected staff’s business ability, but also in the number of personnel deployed. Asphalt mixing plant is a multi-component complex system. The production process needs to be coordinated by many people. Good managers understand the importance of staff. Without reasonable staffing, it is impossible to achieve good economic benefits. In terms of experience and needs, the necessary staffing for an asphalt drum mix plant is: 1 stationmaster, 2 operators, 2 maintenance personnel, 1 load-balance bin, 1 logistic management, and 1 clerk and financial accounting, a total of 8 persons. The operators and mechanics are required to bear certificates after training by manufacturers of asphalt mixing plants or professional institutions.

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