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HDT5291THB-37/39/4 a model of concrete pump truck

April 7, 2017

Many friends are interest in the concrete pump truck,today I will introduce a professional product of Haomei machinery: HDT5291THB-37/39/4 to you.concrete pump truck

The power system of concrete pump truck is consisted by technical diesel engine or electrical engine.It can drive the pumping system directly which equipped with the linkage structure and improved the efficiency. It has strong power system to reduce the rate of energy waste. The elements of electrical controlling system adopt Japan and Germany original parts. The excellent assembly quality can fully guarantee the function of electrical controlling system. The special design of hopper and vane reduces the space of mixing blind angle which makes the machine suitable for many kinds of concrete. There are many features about it at the same time. Free flowing closed hydraulic driving system formed by double pump confluence. No fussy middle reversal control valve piece lessens reversal impact. Compared with large-oil-tank open system, closed system needs a smaller tank. Unique buffer technology can lower the system’s high-pressure peak value. In spite of high-output-flow situation. Some of the technical data of this concrete pump truck: theoretical throughput (high/low pressure) : 125 m3 / h ,engine power: 247 KW, pumping pressure (high/low pressure) : 8.5 MPa ,the Placing boom largest cloth height: 36.6 m,placing boom maximum depth of cloth: 25.5 m, placing boom radius of cloth: 32.6 m.

Haomei learn from advanced reference experience domestic and abroad, using the modern advanced computer simulation technology, analyze how the parameter changes of the structure of concrete pump truck stress, displacement and inherent frequency have influence on the arm frame fatigue life systematic,and optimize the hydraulic system design at the same time, adopt new techniques in free fluid, reduce pumping the reversing impact to boom greatly. Perfect product quality control, keep improving the product manufacturing, and meticulous quality inspection, make Haomei reach the domestic and international advanced leading level.

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