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Concrete pump trucks for sale need to preheat

March 2, 2018

The preheat for concrete pump truck is mainly for pumping hydraulic systems, this is because, at low temperatures, the viscosity of the hydraulic oil increases and the fluidity decreases, resulting in the flow resistance in the pipe increased. In the state of high viscosity of the hydraulic oil, the hydraulic pump has oil absorption difficulties in the working state of the overloading, and even occurs “pumping air” phenomenon, and the hydraulic pump may be excessively worn due to poor lubrication. Therefore, before the formal construction of the concrete pump trucks for sale, it must be sufficient preheating. Especially in the winter construction phase, due to the original lower temperature of the hydraulic system, the upper garment preheating is even more important.

concrete pump trucks for sale

Most of the concrete pump truck manufacturers introduce concrete pump truck preheating method as turn on the power take-off in the case of the engine started. When the hydraulic pump passive operation for a period of time, the hydraulic oil temperature rose to the required value, the hydraulic oil viscosity will reach the normal working condition, the preheating is completed. This recognized preheating mode may seems to be simple, but in fact it is not. In the case of the preheating of concrete pump trucks for sale is carried out in the right state, it can effectively reduce the bodywork hydraulic system wear and failure rate. On the contrary, improper preheating will inevitably aggravate the wear and tear of equipment. So the preheating operation need professional guideline and operator, if you still have questions about how to preheat the pumping, please review our website to get more information.

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