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Trailer pump concrete and aggregate size relationship

March 15, 2018

Trailer pump concrete is trailer concrete pump which is used to pumping concrete in some distance or height to the construction site. As the pumping concrete has big aggregate much bigger than cement, thus, the pumping can be limited by the aggregate size. Only qualified trailer concrete pump can pumping the concrete smoother with less blocking. To help more friends know the relation ship between trailer pump concrete and the aggregate size, we summarize two main aspects in this relationship.

trailer pump concrete

The relationship between the maximum aggregate size and the transport height should be:
When the pumping height is below 50m, the ratio of aggregate and pipe size should not be greater than 1:3 for gravel, and not greater than 1:2.5 for gravel;
When the pumping height is 50-100m, it should be in the range of 1:3 to 1:4;
When the pumping height is more than 100m, it should be between 1:4 and 1:5, and the content of the needle-shaped aggregates should not be more than 10%.
The relationship between the maximum size of the coarse aggregate and the diameter of the transfer pipe should be:

The maximum aggregate size of the trailer pump concrete is limited by the minimum diameter of the conveying pipeline. The maximum diameter of the pebble should be less than 1/3; the maximum size of the crushed stone should be less than 1/4, allowing a small amount of super diameter aggregate to be mixed in. For example, in a 125 mm diameter delivery pipe, a small amount of aggregates up to 60 mm diameter may be passed, but the proportion of such super-diameter aggregates must not exceed 2%, and they must be dispersed.

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