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How to choose a concrete pumping trailer manufacturer?

September 17, 2019

Concrete pumping trailer is an important equipment on construction project and directly affect the construction quality. As a investment, in addition to better engineering business, choosing a high-performance, high-quality trailer concrete pump is the foundation of investment profit. So how do you consider choosing a concrete pump trailer manufacturer?

concrete pumping trailer

First, choose a famous brand to be cautious.

Nowadays, there are many enterprises that manufacturing concrete pumping trailer, and the market is very chaotic. Before purchasing a trailer concrete pump, it is necessary to understand the technical strength of the concrete pump manufactures brand and the integrity of the company. After sale service of the concrete trailer pump manufacturer related with the technical and quality problems of the products can be received and responded in time. Some brands concrete pumps are sold with very low price, if the trailer concrete pump have problems, the problem-solving cycle will be very long, and even may shirk their responsibility. Haomei Machinery specializes in the research and development of concrete machinery for 20 years. It has long been committed to the research and development and production of concrete pump, concrete mixer truck, trailer concrete pump, concrete boom pump and concrete pump truck, we work hard to improve products and services with high reliability and high price ratio.

Second, the product configuration can not be ignored

Observe the thickness of the concrete pumping trailer, workmanship and other key parts of the configuration components, such as the thickness of the mixing drum, the choice of material for the lubrication copper tube, these parts and the heart of the trailer concrete pump – the main oil pump is as important, a hose out The problem will affect the normal operation of the entire hydraulic system, resulting in mechanical failure, which is a place that many companies do not pay much attention to. Observe the original configuration and be able to identify the performance and configuration of the whole machine.

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