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Double Shaft Mixer For Sale

March 25, 2024

Double shaft mixer for sale has various specifications, common national standard models include JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000, JS3000 and JS4000. These specifications have different features and applicable scenes.

Take JS500, JS750 and JS1000 twin shaft concrete mixer for example, the specifications are as follows:

JS500 double shaft concrete mixer: the mixing volume is 500L, the mixing shaft rotates at 29.3r/min, the discharging height is 1500mm, and the motor power is 18.5kW.

JS750 double shaft concrete mixer: mixing volume is 750L, mixing shaft speed is 29.3r/min, discharging height is 1600mm, motor power is 30kW.

JS1000 double shaft concrete mixer: mixing volume is 1000L, mixing shaft speed is 25.5r/min, discharging height is 3800mm, motor power is 2×18.5kW.

In addition to the above specifications, the volume of twin shaft concrete mixer is mainly determined according to the specifications of the double shaft mixer, the requirements of the construction project and the amount of construction, and the common volumes are 500L, 1000L, 1500L, 2000L, 3000L and so on. In addition, the mixing effect, productivity, energy consumption and other aspects of the twin shaft concrete mixer are also important factors to consider when choosing a mixer. When purchasing, you can choose the right specification of twin shaft concrete mixer according to your specific needs and budget.

The main differences between double shaft concrete mixer and single concrete mixer are reflected in the following aspects:

Mixing effect and efficiency:

Twin shaft concrete mixer adopts two symmetrical spiral shafts rotating synchronously, through the movement of the mixing blades, the material is rapidly stirred, cut, thrown and mixed, which realizes the uniform humidification and mixing of the material. This design makes the twin shaft mixer have a higher mixing effect when dealing with highly demanding concrete products. In contrast, a stand-alone concrete mixer, while also capable of mixing, may be slightly less effective and efficient than a twin-shaft mixer.

System structure and design:

The traditional system of twin shaft concrete mixer usually adopts the structure of sliding gear and V-belt, which is less noisy in the process of rotation and has the protection function of sliding gear structure, which is safer and more convenient. The system structure of single shaft concrete mixer may be simpler, without this advantage.

Unloading method:

The twin shaft mixer host in the unloading performance is more clean, flexible, can meet a variety of unloading needs. The single shaft mixer host in the discharge may be more fixed, the adjustment is not as flexible as the twin shaft mixer.

In summary, double shaft mixer for sale produced by different manufacturers may have different specifications and technical parameters, when choosing a mixer, you need to weigh and choose according to the specific construction needs and budget.

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