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Dry Concrete Plant

May 26, 2022

Dry concrete plant is economical type concrete batching plant and can flexibly adjust the proportion of raw materials. Compared with large wet concrete batching plants, the installation of dry mix concrete batching plant is much simpler.  Dry type concrete plant only mix dry material without water added, so the concrete mixer is not needed, thus the cost to build this kind of concrete batching plant is low. The concrete produced is all concrete used by itself, so the role of the cement silo in the daily life of the engineering concrete mixing plant is still relatively important. The material storage system and control system, etc., are dry mixed according to the design ratio requirements. It has been widely used in construction sites, and the operation is simple.

dry concrete plant

The advantages of dry concrete plant are as follows: low configuration, low cost, it can be quickly transported to the construction site by a concrete mixer tanker, adding water by setting ration directly, then the concrete is produced, this concrete mixing method brings economical cost and fast construction speed. It has high bonding strength, concrete technology, and simple operation. Because the concrete produced is used by itself, through mechanical or manual feeding, and does not contain water. In addition, according to the design ratio requirements, stir evenly. The number of external additives is relatively small, and there must be a power supply on site, but in fact, the concrete powder is prepared and produced in the dry mix concrete batching plant in advance. Transportation is also more convenient. The number of external additives is relatively small.


The dry concrete plant is usually built in smaller areas at the township and county level, with a variety of layouts, installation, relatively cost-effective and small footprint. The quality requirement of concrete produced by dry concrete batching plant is not very high, so this concrete batching plant is used for own projects. With cheap price and easy installation, dry concrete batching plant is welcomed on the market.

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