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Dry mix concrete batching plant

September 22, 2020

Dry mix concrete batching plant is a kind of mixing plant relative to wet mix concrete batching plant. It is more common in the international market, especially in South American market, and almost no one uses it in China. The dry mix concrete plant is mainly used to reduce the investment cost of the concrete mixing plant. The original concrete mixer in the concrete batching plant is eliminated. After the materials are weighed, they are directly discharged into the concrete mixer truck, and then water is added to the concrete truck mixer, and the concrete transit mixer is mixed while walking.

dry mix concrete batching plant

We can find that the dry mix concrete batching plant should be used with the concrete mixer truck, it can be seen that above the truck mixer is a structure similar to a hopper, which is used to store materials such as cement and fly ash. Next to it is a water tank. The aggregate is directly transferred to the concrete mixer truck through the belt conveyor on the left. The Advantages of dry mixing concrete batching plant are:

1, The equipment investment cost is lower.

2, The structure of the equipment is simpler and easy to maintain.

3, Without a concrete mixer, there is no daily job of cleaning the concrete mixer.

4, The production capacity is much higher than that of wet mix concrete batching plants.

Disadvantages of dry concrete mixing plant: The main disadvantage of dry concrete mixing plant is that the quality of the concrete produced is not guaranteed. Because the concrete mixer truck is used for mixing, the truck must ensure a higher speed, which will cause greater damage to the truck.


Dry mix concrete batching plant is mainly used in situations where there is no requirement for concrete marking and the mixing plant is far away from the construction site. It is widely sparsely populated in some foreign countries, especially in South America. However, as the requirements for concrete in various buildings become more and more The higher comes, this equipment is being initially eliminated.

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