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Mobile asphalt batch mix plant

September 18, 2020

The mobile asphalt batch mix plant can carry various materials required for multiple cycles and is directly stirred and poured on the construction site. So that the freshly mixed asphalt mixture mortar has good fluidity, elasticity, corrosion resistance, and antifreeze, and fully ensures the asphalt mortar performance and construction quality of pouring. The asphalt mixing plant includes a mixing tank, a power device, and a mixing device with a discharge gate mechanism at the bottom. The mixing device includes two parallel mixing shafts arranged horizontally in the mixing tank, and a plurality of spirals are fixed on the two mixing shafts shaped stirring arm. The mixing blades with through holes on both sides of the mixing system are respectively arranged at the end of the mixing arm, the mixing blades on each mixing shaft are in the space, and the two mixing blades on the two mixing shafts are arranged in opposite spiral directions in the axial direction, two spirals intersect. The power device includes an adjustable-speed drive motor, which drives two stirring shafts synchronously through the drive device.

mobile asphalt batch mix plant

The asphalt mixer of mobile asphalt mixing plant is a special equipment for mixing emulsified asphalt mortar. When operating, its control system adopts program-controlled frequency conversion technology. When in use, it has the advantages of continuous adjustable speed, digital display, beautiful appearance, and convenient operation. The standard of mobile asphalt mixing plant mixer requires production. The user should put the mixer on a horizontal workbench before use, and connect the mixer to the power supply of the operation cabinet. The main power supply adopts three-phase four-wire 380V with zero line, and then press the start switch and slowly rotate the speed control switch. At the beginning of mixing, pay attention to whether the direction of rotation is consistent with the direction shown by the arrow. If it does not match, please stop immediately and replace any two phase wires except the zero wire.


In terms of operation, the work efficiency of the mobile asphalt batch mix plant has been greatly improved. To a certain extent, it is mainly reflected in the greatly improved mixing capacity. Modern mixers use new alloys to make the mixing blades and liners in the mixing tank. Such blades and liners have very strong wear-resistance and corrosion resistance, and have a very long service life. In terms of the power of the blades, it is also the introduction of brand-new drive technology. The ability to manufacture power and deceleration is very strong, followed by heating performance, the heating device of the asphalt mixer is mainly composed of a heating motor. During the heating process of the mixture, the heating motor emits high-energy heat radiation, so that the mixture has enough energy to be heated. The new heating motor makes the heating process efficient high.

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