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Compact batching plant technical features

September 15, 2020

The compact batching plant is very suitable for engineering project, the mixing performance is very good. Its main mixing part uses twin-shaft forced concrete mixers. There is an independent support platform, the platform has a mixing host, a batching weighing device such as cement, water and additives, and a main batching mixing system is combined. The cost performance is relatively high, it is worth buying.

compact batching plant

As the main machine of concrete batching plant, the concrete mixer of compact batching plant has the advantages of:

1, Its compact structure, sufficient rigidity and strength to ensure the normal operation of the concrete mixer. The welding process of the mixing drum adopts overall annealing treatment to prevent stress deformation after welding and ensure the service life of the whole concrete batching plant machine. Lining plates and blades are made of alloy wear-resistant cast iron or high-manganese steel. They are designed with reasonable structure through finite element analysis and fluid mechanics analysis, and have a long service life.

2, The inner layer of the shaft end seal is a labyrinth seal made of special wear-resistant materials. There are multiple special rubber rings and pressurized grease protection in the middle. The outer layer has a floating seal ring and a rubber seal ring, which can effectively prevent leakage The occurrence of pulp phenomenon. And there is an isolation area of about 100 mm between the bearing seat and the shaft end seal area to completely isolate the leaking concrete slurry from the bearing, effectively extending the service life of the key parts of the shaft end.


The advantages of compact batching plant are:

1, The star gear reducer is small in size, high in efficiency and extremely reliable.

2, The liner and blades are made of high-chromium wear-resistant cast iron, with reasonable angle design, good mixing effect, fast speed and long service life.

3, The four shaft ends are equipped with a fully automatic sealing oil injection system.

4, The unloading door is controlled by a hydraulic oil pump, with three stopping points and manual opening, no noise.

5, Overweight design, excellent shock absorption.

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