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Mobile concrete batch plants for sale

September 11, 2020

Haomei is a professional manufacturer who produce mobile concrete batch plants for sale with mixing capacity of 25-75m3/h. Different from the stationary concrete batching plant, the structure of mobile concrete batching plant is more compact, which are more convenient to move and install. The mixing efficiency of mobile concrete batch plant is high because it adopt fully automatic control system. The mixing performance of mobile concrete batching plant is great because of the following aspects:

mobile concrete batch plants for sale

Optional multiple monitoring devices to ensure concrete quality and safety:

1, Online concrete homogenization monitoring system, real-time display of mixing tank slump curve, to prevent slump from getting out of control;

2, The moisture content can be manually input and adjusted or sand and stone can be automatically detected and adjusted.

3, Raw material temperature detection and control system, concrete temperature detection and control system.


There will be a pre-ring warning when the mixer starts, which can remind the surrounding mobile concrete batching plant staff to pay attention to safety and give time to leave the scene to ensure personal safety.

1, Adopting the twin shaft forced concrete mixer JS or Sicoma, which saves 15% of mixing time and 20% of energy;

2, The gap between the main engine blade and the liner can be within 5mm, which can ensure that the aggregate gradation is not damaged;

3, It can ensure that the mixer shaft of the main machine does not need to be manually cleaned within 30,000 cubic meters or within 1 month.


The mobile concrete batch plants for sale occupies a small area and has more space for maintenance activities. The control room is integrated into a reinforced concrete foundation.

1, Reinforced silo, which can carry the piled materials of large storage;

2, Large-angle cutting to ensure smooth cutting without arching;

3, Small square door ingredients, coarse and fine matching system to ensure accurate measurement;

4, The stone discharge is designed for heavy hammer anti-sticking, which is not easy to jam;

5, The vibration inner plate design of the sand bin has obvious vibration effect and the bin plate is not easy to fatigue and crack.

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