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automatic compact concrete batching plant

Automatic Compact Concrete Batching Plant

Automatic compact concrete batching plant is a kind of concrete production equipment integrating high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. It has the productivity of 25-120m3/h, which is suitable for various kinds of construction projects. The features of automatic compact concrete batching plant are mainly reflected in the following aspects: High efficiency: Fully automatic compact concrete batching plant adopts advanced control system and sensor …

compact batching plant

Compact batching plant technical features

The compact batching plant is very suitable for engineering project, the mixing performance is very good. Its main mixing part uses twin-shaft forced concrete mixers. There is an independent support platform, the platform has a mixing host, a batching weighing device such as cement, water and additives, and a main batching mixing system is combined. The cost performance is relatively high, …

Compact concrete batching plant

Compact concrete batching plant

The construction of the compact concrete batching plant needs to be designed in advance, including site selection, equipment purchase, and personnel recruitment. The compact concrete batching plant has the biggest advantage of small cover area. Site selection and planning must first determine the overall area, and then plan equipment occupation, sand and other raw materials occupation, office area, parking area, etc. …

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