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Egg Layer Brick Machine

May 6, 2022

The egg layer brick machine is a very vivid name of mobile brick making machine, it is a moveable model of block making machine. At present, many markets are still in a state of long-term use of handmade bricks, which is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also has low productivity and low efficiency. This small egg layer brick making machine is a new type of machine developed according to the backward market demand. It is characterized by simple equipment, easy operation and low investment. It is very suitable for the small-scale production and operation mode of family workshops in underdeveloped areas.

egg layer brick machine

The semi-automatic egg layer brick machine can produce hollow bricks and standard bricks (the mold size can be changed). The daily output of one person is about 900 hollow bricks and 2000 solid standard bricks. The rated pressure of the egg layer block machine is 5mpa. The bricks produced have smooth surface, high strength, firmness, good heat insulation, simple structure, easy operation and convenient maintenance, so this kind of mobile brick making machine has a good development space. Once public on the market, egg layer brick making machine have been welcomed by customers, it is an economic model of block making machine type.


The price of egg layer brick machine is the key point which is paid attention by customers who want to purchase brick making machine. Steel is the main raw material for brick making machines, so when the steel prices generally rise, mainly due to the rising cost of raw material prices. On the other hand, the price of egg layer block making machine depends on your own needs, the required output, brick type, supporting facilities, etc. The price disparity is still relatively large, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands.

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