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Large Concrete Mixer For Sale

September 28, 2020

The mixing capacity of large concrete mixer for sale is about 2 to 4 cubic meter per discharge, and the models are JS2000, JS3000 and JS4000. Take JS2000 twin shaft forced concrete mixer as an example, this concrete mixer is with 2.0 cubic meters per discharge, also called a 2.0 cubic meter concrete mixer, so how much is the large concrete mixer 2.0 cubic meter?

large concrete mixer for sale

1, Labor cost

The JS200 large concrete mixer is produced by workers working overtime. As the cost of living increases, labor wages are getting higher and higher. No matter how to adjust the internal structure and optimize the segmentation, this problem cannot be avoided. This can not be controlled by the large concrete mixer manufacturers, so the high labor cost will cause the price of JS2000 concrete mixer to be high, which is the same for all regular concrete mixer manufacturers.


2, Raw material cost

In addition to labor, which is the cost of raw materials, the raw material of the large concrete mixer JS2000 is steel. The price of steel fluctuates rapidly with the market. Therefore, when the price of steel generally rises, the price of the JS2000 large concrete mixer for sale will also increase. On the contrary, the price of the concrete mixer will drop. If customers want to buy a cheaper concrete mixer, they can buy it when the steel price drops. However, these market-controlled prices are hard to come by and customers should pay attention.


The JS2000 large concrete mixer for sale produced by Haomei Machinery is inlaid with five kinds of liners, all of which are connected to the cylinder with countersunk screws to make the cement mixing more evenly. At the same time, it has compact structure, low noise, and overload protection. If you need to consult how much is the concrete mixer, you can email us or chat on whatsapp.

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