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Manufacturer Automations Concrete Batching Plants

October 9, 2021

Professional manufacturer automations concrete batching plants – Haomei Machinery is specialized in concrete mixing and pumping equipment. The control cabinet of HZS automation concrete batching plant control cabinet aggregates, water and additives independently measure and control construction machinery. Each material is batched at the same time. The drop correction is automatically completed in the initial batching to ensure the accuracy of the mixing ratio and improve work efficiency. The concrete batching machine, hopper, and concrete mixer are interlocked and controlled. It has the function of hopper pre-loading, waiting and lifting, which can improve the efficiency and realize the continuous automatic production of concrete.

manufacturer automations concrete batching plants

The control system of manufacturer automations concrete batching plants is stable and reliable. It can automatically and continuously control the metering, feeding, mixing and discharging of each part of the material according to the set formula. At the same time, the system also has a series of management functions such as browsing, querying, statistics, printing and so on. The concrete batching plant microcomputer industrial control system and the electronic control system of the automatic concrete batching plant, which automatically corrects the drop and accurately controls the accuracy problem.


The control system of the automation concrete mixing plant concisely and vividly simulates the on-site process flow of the mixing plant. The operator can understand the entire operation status of the concrete mixing plant on the computer screen in the control room, including various alarms. Operators who have obtained the authority can modify the formula parameters and moisture content in the control room, and realize the switch between automatic and semi-automatic is non-disturbed switching. Each control button and each automatic and semi-automatic switch button have further confirmation or cancellation to prevent misuse.


The whole set of manufacturer automations concrete batching plants has reasonable design, compact structure, low investment in civil construction, and significant economic benefits. The process configuration of the automatic concrete batching plant equipment can be flexibly changed according to the user’s site conditions, with strong adaptability. The overall production line has advanced technology, high production efficiency and accurate measurement, which is suitable for the production of high-quality concrete. The control system can realize various control methods such as fully automatic, and the reliability of the system is high. Compared with the traditional PLC control system, its processing capacity is greatly improved, but the overall cost is slightly reduced.

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