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Mini concrete mixer price

April 21, 2020

The mini concrete mixer price quoted by Haomei Machinery is lower than other manufacturers on the market because we offer the factory price. The concrete mixer is an important part of a concrete bathing plant like the heart, which is the primary work place of a concrete mixing plant and the place where various materials are mixed. The JS series concrete mixer mainly includes JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000 or larger, which is distinguished according to the discharge capacity. Among the models the Js500 and JS750 concrete mixer can be considered as mini concrete mixer.

mini concrete mixer price

The feeding in the mixing drum of the concrete mixer shall be carried out during the operation, the adding of new materials shall be carried out after all the original concrete in the concrete mixer is discharged. The instrument and indication signal shall be accurate and reliable, and the console of electric concrete mixer shall be padded with rubber plate or dry wood plate. Transmission mechanism, working device, brake, etc. shall be fastened and reliable to ensure normal operation. The aggregate specifications shall be consistent with the performance of the mini concrete mixer, and those beyond the permitted range shall not be used. When the concrete mixer is running empty, check the rotation direction of the forced mixer mixing drum or mixing blade, and the operation, braking and confirmation of each working device are normal before operation. When feeding, it is strictly prohibited to extend the head or hand between the hopper and the rack, and during the operation, it is not allowed to extend the hand or tools into the mixing drum to pick up the materials and discharge them. When the hopper is raised, it is forbidden to work or walk under it. The bottom of the pit shall be equipped with the pillow pad of the hopper, and the hopper must be fastened with a chain when cleaning the pit.


During concrete mixer operation, in case of failure and unable to continue operation, the power supply shall be cut off immediately and the concrete in the mixing drum shall be removed. The mini concrete mixer price is mainly related to the model, raw material steel plate and the technology.

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